Harden Tool Steel Gear Manufacturing

This is a video we created on one of our Matsuura VX1000 machines.

The operation for a standard milling process would have been around the 2 hour mark. Small depth of cut with a high feedrate. We’ve used the Waveform method within Edgecam and it brought our cycle time right down to 29 minutes completed part.

Running as follows:

  • RPM 6250
  • F2850
  • Depth of 34mm
  • Step over of 8%.

We could have pushed the machine a bit more but at this spec the machine could run free with no operator supervision, meaning this puts less strain on our Machine spindle and we reduced our cost on tooling as well as asking the operator to run a second machine. The whole batch of 30 components was completed with one Roughing Endmill Ø16, machining the old way this would have cost us a bit when coming to tips for the Face mill tool. On this batch of 30 off parts we saved 45 hours of run time just by using the waveform strategy from Edgecam.