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Ground Precision Gears

Gibbs Gears are well equipped with the latest accurate gear grinding machinery and experienced engineers for the finishing of hardened precision ground gears. Our gear grinding processes are usually required when very quiet gears are required.

We utilize our new “Wenzel WGT 280 and LH 54 CNC” gear checking machine, to ensure perfect results every time when setting our gear grinding machinery and to give evidence of what is achieved by way of certified graphs. Our graphs are traceable to UKAS standards, so you can be assured that if you want a certain specification of gear accuracy and our graph confirm the part meets the criteria.


Gleason P90G gear grinder, capable of using pre-formed or Dressable CBN grinding wheels, worm threads. Also the new Klingenberg Viper 500K Gear Grinder for internal & external gears capable of small wheel grinding for the most demanding work, The Viper is capable of grinding internal & external helical gears, also using small wheel technologies.

We have a “Reishauer” gear grinding cell which includes Reishauer 300E CNC.

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Gibbs gear have many years expertise and knowledge at our disposal for all your ground gear requirements.

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