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Automotive R&D

When it comes to motorsport and performance cars, Gibbs Gears have the expertise to provide you with gears, gearboxes and transmissions parts to meet your needs. We are use to working with short lead times and have flexible shifts, enabling us to offer parts turned around within 24 hours. We have recently been involved in gear parts for McLaren and the Aston Martin 77.

We can recondition classic car gearboxes and (supply) have manufactured gear hubs and pump gear for classic Aston martins for some years. Our capability is extensive, from providing classic car crown wheels and pinions to complete gearbox re-builds.

Whilst offering our customers benefits through investment and technology we don’t forget the personal touch when working with either classic car and bike enthusiasts or providing one to one consultation on gearbox design or theory. For high quality automotive or motorsport gears at cost effective prices, contact Gibbs today.