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Old World Craftsmen On The Leading Edge of Technology

Not everyone can make complex, high precision production and prototype gear components and assemblies.Whether you’re involved in the aerospace, automotive or another industry that requires tight tolerance products, Gibbs Gears can help.

Gibbs Gears has over 60 years of experience and proven success providing solutions for your precision gear and gearbox assembly needs.

You need technical solutions and the shortest manufacturing lead times possible to meet your project timelines, within budget.

At Gibbs Gears, that’s our forte! We are one of the most technologically advanced and innovative precision gear and prototype transmission manufacturers in UK servicing the global Aerospace, Nuclear, Formula 1, motor sport, off highway, drivetrain, medical and commercial markets.

We have what you need:

  • Short-run production and prototype machining.
  • Product development with outstanding quality and on-time delivery.
  • Flexibility, capability and capacity to meet ever-changing delivery demands with production requirements.
  • Dedicated Program Managers who follow your project from start to finish, ensuring communication throughout the process and on-time delivery. Unlike many manufacturers, our “Relationship Managers” are highly skilled
  • Product development with outstanding quality and on-time delivery.

We also specialise in CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Grinding and EDM whilst maintaining and vigorous quality control department conforming to ISO 9002 and AS 9100 requirements. We work closely with our customers, from concept to product realisation, technical support to full prototype development.

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