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Apprentices & Graduates

An apprenticeship at Gibbs Gears Engineering is the opportunity you are looking for.

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Earn while you learn!

  • Will you get paid? Yes!
  • Start on £6 per hour
  • Progress to £9 per hour in three years
  • Within 8 years you could earn £40,000 a year
  • Great promotion prospects

What will I be doing?

An apprenticeship at Gibbs Gears Engineering will train you to operate CNC machines, multi-axis machines, CNC & gear cutting and CNC grinding using measurement tools in temperature-controlled rooms. You’ll learn how to set up a job using computers (CAD/CAM) and learn about manufacturing, quality and how metals behave. After a few years, you will know how to make the most accurate parts in the world using some of the most advanced tools ever invented.

Sounds great, but how do I know that I’ll like it?

Easy. Why not come down for the day, take a look around our factory and meet the team! So, what have you got to lose? Nothing!