Trust Gibbs Gears to deliver the quality and value essential for success in the competitive aerospace industry.

Choose Gibbs Gears as your reliable and innovative partner to achieve your target design and optimize manufacturing costs. Our expert team provides exceptional input on design and cost-saving techniques for machining requirements, leveraging our extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology to help you achieve optimal target designs while reducing expenses. Explore our offerings and discover what […]

Our state-of-the-art Inspection Laboratory is a component of our commitment to ensuring the utmost level of excellence in all our products and services.

Our dedication to employing only the most advanced technologies and methods enables us to maintain the highest standards of quality, enabling us to consistently exceed the expectations of our valued customers. With our world-class Inspection Laboratory, we are able to assess every aspect of our products, ensuring that they meet and exceed even the most […]

Bucks Skill Show 2023

Thank you to the organisers of Bucks skill show 2023, we had the pleasure of meeting numerous remarkable future engineers, and we are excited about the prospect of welcoming potential new employees to our rapidly expanding business. #bucksskillshow2023 #newemployee #investment #business #future #engineers #thankyou

The global space industry is expected to generate more than $1 trillion in revenue by 2040.

Driven by advancements in technology, increased investment, and growing demand for satellite-based services such as broadband internet, GPS navigation, and earth observation. The growth of the industry is also fuelled by the increasing demand for space-based solutions for Earth problems and the development of new commercial space activities like space tourism, lunar mining, and space-based […]

Viper 500 Investment.

In 2019, our organization made a strategic investment in the Viper 500 Gear Grinder, recognizing the criticality of precision and quality in the production of intricate and tolerance-sensitive components. As a testament to our unwavering dedication to achieving excellence, we have established a fully temperature-controlled facility, which effectively minimizes any potential displacement and facilitates the […]

The Aerospace Industry continues to make substantial progress in the development of electric and hybrid aircraft technology.

Aligning with the global effort towards promoting sustainability in air travel. Leading companies within the industry are dedicatedly investing in research and development initiatives, driving the creation of cutting-edge products and services. These advancements are expected to bring about a revolution in the field, shaping the future of air transportation. #technology #development #investing #research […]

Another successful show at Autosport International.

Looking forward to next year ! Lots of connection made and many future projects to look forward to. #future #projects #autosportinternational23 #autosportengineering

Setting up at Autosport Engineering show today !

Come see us at stand E632. #engineering #exhibition #autosportinternational23 #autosportengineering

We are now closed until the 3rd of January.

In 2021 Gibbs Invested into real time scheduling. This provide us with:

– Complete transparency. – Early detections of problems. – Shifting of orders. – Advanced and detailed planning. – Decreased Leadtime. – Better customer service and experience. – And many more benefits. #experience #customerservice #planning #leadtime #innovation #investment #engineering

Our team members that are attending Auto Sport 2023 are :

Steve Lillywhite Dale Phillips STEPHEN PUDDEPHATT Muj Nabeale Stephen Deane Harley Garrod Get in contact to book a meeting. #team #exhibitionstand #investing

New Investment !

In 2022 we bought a ZEISS CONTURA with gear checking software – Flexibility in the highest quality guaranteed -Tested, certified, and approved coordinate measuring machine that delivers a high level of system stability and efficiency. Compliance of all specifications that guarantees the reliability that our customer can rely on ! #software #compliance #quality #zeiss #qualitycontrol #aerospaceengineering #gears #highestquality #investment

We are happy to see the Mercedes AMG-ONE project is now complete.

 Gibbs Gears manufactured parts to support this super cars high performance. Watch the video below. #supercars #project #video #mercedes #amg #mercedesamg #mercedesbenz #oneproject

See us at AUTOSPORT 2023 !

We invested into a Gleason P500 ES and P300es shaping machine with helical Guide.

 – The unique design of the hydrostatic spindle guide allows for minimum changeover time between straight and helical guides. #gleason #investment #shapingmachine #gears

Gibbs Design Solutions our siter companies website is now live and running.

(GDS) has firmly established itself as a diverse and innovative R&D design house, providing solutions across a multitude of business verticals. In addition, we support several leading OEM clients with an array of design for manufacture initiatives along with specialist advice on both applications and performance issues. – #business #design #newbusiness #startup #innovation #startups #startupbusiness #startupcompany

Great to see our Gear box being showed off at IAA Transportation 2022.

Designed by Gibbs Design Solutions and manufacture by Gibbs Gears Precision Engineers Limited and Copsey Engineering #engineering #transportation #engineers #event #gearbox

Here’s to the next £20 million of business supporting our major global aviation and EV clients!

Gibbs Gears are delighted to be celebrating our highly acclaimed and successful 20-year association with our International Indian, low cost, AS9100 supply partner. Here’s to the next £20 million of business supporting our major global aviation and EV clients! #business #aviation #partnership #lowcost #india #engineering

In 2020 Gibbs bought another WWGT 280 CMM

The WGT 280 cmm gear tester offers fast and effective analysis of rotationally symmetrical parts with a measurement volume of 280 mm in diameter. It guarantees optimal 4-axis-measurement and precise scanning. For geometrically precise machine movement the machine compensation is carried out in real time and wobbling of the part is compensated in real time. […]

EXCEPTIONALLY productive show

Quality attendees and many future opportunities.   Looking to forward MIA next year.   #future #opportunities #quality

Our speech at the MIA exhibition.

Steve Lillywhite speech at the MIA exhibition explaining how Gibbs Gears developed and manufactured parts which are now in space! #spacetech #gears #gearboxmanufacturer #innovation

Our MIA stand was set up today ! See us there on the 19th and 20th.

🎟 There’s still time to register for your FREE place to attend this industry trade only event – #exhibitionstand #gearboxes #automotive #innovation #performanceimprovement #marketing #motorsports #silverstone #formula1

New Corporate branded items arriving.


Gears set deigned by Gibbs Design Solutions and manufactured by Gibbs Gears Precision Engineers Limited !

Gear set deigned by Gibbs Design Solutions and manufactured by Gibbs Gears Precision Engineers Limited ! youtube- Nissan R35 GT-R specialists SauceShop owned by Dat Le in Atlanta, GA, USA shows us his new shop facilities, building a Nissan GT-R GR6 gearbox with @Linney Gear set, clutch, forks and more, winning GT-R World Cup […]

See us at the Motorsport Engineering and Technology show at Silverstone on the 19th and 20th of October !

We just installed four EV charging station.

We just installed four EV charging station for our employees and customers. The UKs target to reach Net zero Co2 emissions by 2050 will take a huge effort from all industries. We have now installed 4 EV charging station and changed all lighting to LED environmentally friendly bulbs across the whole plant. We aim to […]

We are excited to announce !

Following extensive detailed design, analysis and testing a completely new generation of GT-R gear sets that we help design and manufacture for LinneyTuning   “Designed in England by Gibbs Design Services (GDS) manufactured by Gibbs Gears, the range offers enhanced ground tooth geometry delivering exceptional torque characteristics and a greatly enhanced duty cycle. This has […]

Gibbs Design Solutions website is nearly ready.

we’re just waiting for our new branding and logo to be implemented. “Gibbs Design Solutions (GDS) is a new diverse and innovative R&D design house, engaging in both EV design solutions as well as working with several OEM clients, where we have undertaken design for manufacture initiatives.” – CEO of GDS  

This is Gibbs Gears new Logo !

What do you think? The new logo and branding will be implemented on the 30/09/2022. #logo #branding #newlogo #newlogodesign #innovation


In recent years Gibbs Gears has seen many large changes. We have seen a huge change in growth of staff. With a new MD, engineers, machinist, and office staff. Gibbs has also seen a huge shift and growth into exciting new markets. Therefore, it feels like a perfect time for a rebrand, to align all […]

Our new accounts office is finally finished!

With our expanding team, we decide to build a new office in unit 3, solely for finance and accounts. We now have 6 new desks and 2 new hot seat desks for our Gibbs Group HR. #finance #newoffice #hr #team

We’re Hiring !

We’re Hiring ! #manualmachinist #cncoperator #manufacturingengineer #qualityengineers #cncturning #cncmilling #gearcutting #geargrinding #hiring

Gibbs Gears recently welcomed local MP Rob Butler to our main site.

It was great to give him a behind the scenes tour of our factory and an insight into our capabilities and ambition future projects in new sectors.   Fascinating visit to @GibbsGears in Stoke Mandeville to learn about their work designing & manufacturing gears & transmission technology for aerospace, motorsport, defence & other industries. Good […]

Off highway transmissions component

Application – Off highway transmissions component – Drive shaft assembly – Two electron beam welded spline clutch cylinder baskets – Deep hole drilled oil ways – Precision cut and ground splines and spur gears – Case hardened – Cylindrical precision grinding surface.

We’re #hiring !!

Please see the careers page for all the roles were currently advertising for.

We are one of the UK’s foremost manufacturers and suppliers of high quality bespoke gears.

Thanks to our technical expertise, we are one of the UK’s foremost manufacturers and suppliers of high quality bespoke gears. To find out more about our products & services, please visit: #UKMfg #CNC #Gear #Engineering #BritishSME #helicalgears #spurgear #customgears #wormgears #spline&shafts

The success of Gibbs Gears reaches new heights !

The success of Gibbs Gears reaches new heights, as our precision ground planetary gears find themselves orbiting The Earth at over 1,800,000 feet, travelling in excess of 17,000 miles per hour – A truly amazing achievement for all our staff and a huge endorsement of the investments and gear producing capabilities of our Stoke Mandeville […]

Autosport Engineering show is back on!

After 2 years, the Autosport Engineering show is back on! We will be there on the 12th and 13th of January 2023. Come and see us ! #engineering #Autosportshow

We installed over 120 LED lighting panels across both units and offices!

LEDs convert 95% of energy into light, with only 5% wasted as heat energy. Whereas incandescent bulbs convert only 10% into light with 90% of the energy being wasted as heat! #energy #investments #savingenergy

Two thirds UK manufacturers take strides towards Net Zero ! What we’ve done and are doing (see below) – installed over 200 LED lighting panels across both sites. – we are investing in more efficient equipment to help reduce waste energy – we are changing lights from switches to sensors in infrequently used areas #energy #help #investing #netzero

We implemented 25 localised SFDC Tablets throughout both our sites.

This improves our data collection , setting times, run times, Quantity tracking, inspection tracking, non conforming products, non productive activities. #data #sfdc #productivity #improvement #investment

Gear set up.

Crank shaft gear set up for super precision gear grinding #precision #geargrinding #crankshaft .

We train our staff to meet our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

We train our staff to meet our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, enabling us to deliver premium quality gears to a wide range of industrial sectors. Home #Gear #ManufacturingUK #BritishSME #ISO9001 #quality #management

We are manufacturers and stockists of a wide range of high quality standard gearboxes and products, including: Anti-backlash worm and wheel Cross helical gear boxes. #Precision #Gear #ManufacturerUK #UKMfg

Gear accuracy

Our certified gear grinding graphs are traceable to NAMAS standards, so you can be assured of a high specification gear accuracy. #Precision #Gear #ManufacturingUK #UKMfg

Our facility.

Our facility is more than capable with the latest precision gear grinding machinery for finishing hardened ground gears. #Precision #Gear #ManufacturingUK #UKMfg

How the UK is taking charge when it comes to EVs.

How the UK is taking charge when it comes to EVs The UK aims to lead when it comes to EV infrastructure. #infrastructure #ev #evinfrastructure

Gibbs had a busy day visiting #mach2022

Gibbs had a busy day visiting #mach2022. Looking at new technology that we can implement to further improve our clients experience. #experience #technology #mach2022 #exhibition

We are one of the market leaders in designing, manufacturing and delivering all types of custom made gears.

To find out more information, please visit: #Precision #Gear #ManufacturerUK #UKMfg #leaders #manufacturing

Sister company Copsey Engineering has their robot up and running.

contact them to see how this automation can help your supply issues.

Initial Prototype to large scale production.

We can fulfil your gear manufacturing requirements from the initial prototype stage through to large scale production. #Precision #Gear #ManufacturingUK #UKMfg


We have the capability to support a wide range of quality #Gear #Manufacturing requirements, including being able to machine in over 200 materials. Find out more: #UKMfg #BritishSME #ManufacturingUK

We assist our clients by improving…….

We assist our clients by improving the quality, lead times and cost of their #precision #gears, building supplier relationships that last years. Find out more about our gear engineering services here: #BritishSME #ManufacturingUK #UKMfg

UK Automotive invests £10.8bn in first ‘electric decade

New analysis reveals manufacturers have committed £10.8bn in UK EV and battery R&D and production since 2011. More than 150 models of plug-in cars and vans now on sale, while British factories have produced a quarter of a million electric cars, vans, buses and trucks in the last decade.

Our core capabilities include:

Our core capabilities include: • Turning • Milling • Grinding • Gear • Shaping • Hobbing • Gear Design & Manufacture

We offer premium quality gear cutting to precise specifications – We can cut from drawings and reverse engineer from samples. Find out more by visiting: #GBMfg #Gear #Cutting #IndustryUK

Please read Gibbs gears section within the production engineering article. Thank you. 


over 60 years experience.

Gears offers a modern, professional and quality #gear #cutting service, offering over 60 years experience – #UKMfg

Job Opportunities!

Job Opportunities – Gibbs Gears (Stoke Mandeville, Bucks) With dramatic business growth across Motorsport and EV mobility we are looking for additional team members to join our resourceful and dynamic business. A variety of either full or part-time shift options are available for the right candidates: – Advanced Machine Operators to run stable processes Skilled Machinist […]

5 minute market machine article.

Gibbs Gears is happy to announce our new CEO Stephen Deane.


Gibbs Gears Zeiss article.

Mid 2021 Second new robot installed at sister Co PCE.

In 2020 Gibbs invested into a partnership with Dontyne Systems.

Their software and services help optimise the production and performance of gear systems in the transmission industry.

Prototype transmission designed by Gibbs Design Solutions

Prototype transmission designed by Gibbs Design Solutions made at Gibbs & Copsey. Casings machined from solid on 5 Axis internal gears Gear Ground on Viper #gibbs #gibbsdesignsolutions #copsey #gearbox #5axis #gearground #gearboxdesign #design

Ten Minute Machine Shop Tour at Gibbs Gears.

Lyndsey Vickers visits Gibbs Gears and speaks with Steve Lillywhite. They have a full tour of the facility looking at the technology used to manufacture gears, which included gear shaping machines and traditional CNC machines. They also look at the different types of gears which are predominantly made for the aerospace industry, but Gibbs are […]

Ten Minute Machine Shop Tour Video.

From Prototype to manufacture.

New office coming soon ! :)

We are currently refurbing a new office for our expanding team !

Did you know Gibbs Gears offers Wire Electrical discharge machining?

In 2020 Gibbs Gears also purchased a CUT 300 mS. This allows us to use a thin single strand of metal wire, along with de-ionised water to cut through metal by the use of heat from electrical sparks, while preventing rust.  

Did you know Gibbs Gears offers spark eroding machining?

In 2020 we purchased a AgieCharmilles Form E 350. This allows us to use a electric spark as a cutting tool to cut (erode) the workpiece.

In 2019 Gibbs Gears Purchased a Gleason P300ES #Gleason #P300ES

Gibbs Gears is now an official member of the MIA.

We are delighted to officially welcome Gibbs Gears Precision Engineers Limited to the MIA membership community! Gibbs Gears have over 60 years’ experience as a specialist gear, shafts and machined component manufacturer, working across a range of industries. Find out more ➡️ #MIACommunity #MotorsportValley

Gibbs Welcomes Lyndsey from MTD today to view and film or new “Robojob”.

We will be closed from the 24th of December to the 4th of January.

A month to go ! #InternationalAutosportsShow

Gibbs Design solution website is in the making and will be working very soon ! #design #newwebsitelaunch #gearboxmanufacturer #gearbox

The next design project, how to join this together #design #gearbox #gearmanufacturing #powerdistribution

Our P90 Gleason which we purchased in 2018.

We have recently joined the MIA ASSOCIATION.

See Gibbs at Autosport 2022!

See Gibbs at Autosport from the 13th to 14th Jan 22 Stand E440!

Our work environment.

Gibbs Gears is extremely proud of its clean and tidy work environment! We focus on having a comfortable and clean work space, going above and beyond the requirements of the health and safety standards to ensure employees are safe and work standards are high

Gibbs Latest investment ! Robot technology.

Our latest investment increases productivity, quality and working hours for Gibbs Gears. Our robots inherent accuracy and repeatability ensures a high quality finish for every product produced, it can work day and night with little supervision. Robobot has many benefits such taking on “unpleasant” jobs, enabling our staff to undertake more stimulating and interesting tasks. […]

Gear Grinding – Latest Acquisition

New state of the art Gear Grinding arrives at Gibbs Gears Precision Engineers Uk facility. To ensure that Gibbs Gears remains at the forefront of transmission technology and manufacturing techniques, we are committed to continuous investment in new leading-edge production equipment. Yesterday Holfer delivered a brand new Viper 500 gear grinder to Gibbs Gears. The […]

June Manufacturing Apprentice Winner

Congratulations to Callum McGrory of Aylesbury based Gibbs Gears, the winner of the UK Manufacturing Apprentice of June! Callum collects the accolade above his peers and scoops the £100 Amazon Vouchers as a reward. Callum has now qualified for the AMI UK Manufacturing Apprentice of the year. The competition has been launched to find and […]

Gibbs Gears shift into Top Gear for Aston Martin

Gibbs Gears continue to shift into top gear for world renown luxury British sports car manufacturer “Aston Martin”. Recent feedback from the “Aston Martin” team has informed us that the axle units are performing excellently in the vehicle. The initial test vehicle completed 250 miles of running in. The axles have been running at various […]

Waveform Roughing Moves Gibbs Up a Gear

One of the UK’s leading gear technology specialists saved an “astonishing” 45 hours – a complete week’s milling production time – on a batch of 30 gears manufactured in hardened tool steel using Edgecam’s Waveform Roughing Strategy. Gibbs Gears, based at Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire, predominantly work on low to medium volume runs of loose […]

Harden Tool Steel Gear Manufacturing

This is a video we created on one of our Matsuura VX1000 machines. The operation for a standard milling process would have been around the 2 hour mark. Small depth of cut with a high feedrate. We’ve used the Waveform method within Edgecam and it brought our cycle time right down to 29 minutes completed […]

Custom Gearbox Case study – WITT

The initial project was to design and build a 200W unit, using two 50kg pendulums working at an operating radius of 500mm. WITT Energy had already worked with one company who had designed and built a unit. However, this company weren’t gear experts and the final result wasn’t able to deliver the desired results. Gibbs […]

First photos of 200-Watt Marine WITT

Please click below to read in more detail. Read full article

Come Visit Us at Farnborough International Airshow

Gibbs Gears will be exhibiting at this years Farnborough International Airshow, which is from the 11-17 July 2016. Come visit us at Hall 4, Stand E30.

New Product Launch – Renewable Energy

Gibbs Gears are working on the design and manufacture of the Gearbox for 200W Wave Energy Converter (Witt Energy) which will be launching at the CrowdCube in Plymouth. For more information, please contact us.