In recent years Gibbs Gears has seen many large changes. We have seen a huge change in growth of staff. With a new MD, engineers, machinist, and office staff. Gibbs has also seen a huge shift and growth into exciting new markets. Therefore, it feels like a perfect time for a rebrand, to align all […]

Our new accounts office is finally finished!

With our expanding team, we decide to build a new office in unit 3, solely for finance and accounts. We now have 6 new desks and 2 new hot seat desks for our Gibbs Group HR. #finance #newoffice #hr #team

We’re Hiring !

We’re Hiring ! #manualmachinist #cncoperator #manufacturingengineer #qualityengineers #cncturning #cncmilling #gearcutting #geargrinding #hiring

Gibbs Gears recently welcomed local MP Rob Butler to our main site.

It was great to give him a behind the scenes tour of our factory and an insight into our capabilities and ambition future projects in new sectors.   Fascinating visit to @GibbsGears in Stoke Mandeville to learn about their work designing & manufacturing gears & transmission technology for aerospace, motorsport, defence & other industries. Good […]

Off highway transmissions component

Application – Off highway transmissions component – Drive shaft assembly – Two electron beam welded spline clutch cylinder baskets – Deep hole drilled oil ways – Precision cut and ground splines and spur gears – Case hardened – Cylindrical precision grinding surface.