Gears set deigned by Gibbs Design Solutions and manufactured by Gibbs Gears Precision Engineers Limited !

Gear set deigned by Gibbs Design Solutions and manufactured by Gibbs Gears Precision Engineers Limited ! youtube- Nissan R35 GT-R specialists SauceShop owned by Dat Le in Atlanta, GA, USA shows us his new shop facilities, building a Nissan GT-R GR6 gearbox with @Linney Gear set, clutch, forks and more, winning GT-R World Cup […]

We just installed four EV charging station.

We just installed four EV charging station for our employees and customers. The UKs target to reach Net zero Co2 emissions by 2050 will take a huge effort from all industries. We have now installed 4 EV charging station and changed all lighting to LED environmentally friendly bulbs across the whole plant. We aim to […]

We are excited to announce !

Following extensive detailed design, analysis and testing a completely new generation of GT-R gear sets that we help design and manufacture for LinneyTuning   “Designed in England by Gibbs Design Services (GDS) manufactured by Gibbs Gears, the range offers enhanced ground tooth geometry delivering exceptional torque characteristics and a greatly enhanced duty cycle. This has […]

Gibbs Design Solutions website is nearly ready.

we’re just waiting for our new branding and logo to be implemented. “Gibbs Design Solutions (GDS) is a new diverse and innovative R&D design house, engaging in both EV design solutions as well as working with several OEM clients, where we have undertaken design for manufacture initiatives.” – CEO of GDS  


In recent years Gibbs Gears has seen many large changes. We have seen a huge change in growth of staff. With a new MD, engineers, machinist, and office staff. Gibbs has also seen a huge shift and growth into exciting new markets. Therefore, it feels like a perfect time for a rebrand, to align all […]

Our new accounts office is finally finished!

With our expanding team, we decide to build a new office in unit 3, solely for finance and accounts. We now have 6 new desks and 2 new hot seat desks for our Gibbs Group HR. #finance #newoffice #hr #team

We’re Hiring !

We’re Hiring ! #manualmachinist #cncoperator #manufacturingengineer #qualityengineers #cncturning #cncmilling #gearcutting #geargrinding #hiring

Gibbs Gears recently welcomed local MP Rob Butler to our main site.

It was great to give him a behind the scenes tour of our factory and an insight into our capabilities and ambition future projects in new sectors.   Fascinating visit to @GibbsGears in Stoke Mandeville to learn about their work designing & manufacturing gears & transmission technology for aerospace, motorsport, defence & other industries. Good […]