Gear Grinding – Latest Acquisition

New state of the art Gear Grinding arrives at Gibbs Gears Precision Engineers Uk facility. To ensure that Gibbs Gears remains at the forefront of transmission technology and manufacturing techniques, we are committed to continuous investment in new leading-edge production equipment. Yesterday Holfer delivered a brand new Viper 500 gear grinder to Gibbs Gears. The […]

June Manufacturing Apprentice Winner

Congratulations to Callum McGrory of Aylesbury based Gibbs Gears, the winner of the UK Manufacturing Apprentice of June! Callum collects the accolade above his peers and scoops the £100 Amazon Vouchers as a reward. Callum has now qualified for the AMI UK Manufacturing Apprentice of the year. The competition has been launched to find and […]

Gibbs Gears shift into Top Gear for Aston Martin

Gibbs Gears continue to shift into top gear for world renown luxury British sports car manufacturer “Aston Martin”. Recent feedback from the “Aston Martin” team has informed us that the axle units are performing excellently in the vehicle. The initial test vehicle completed 250 miles of running in. The axles have been running at various […]

Waveform Roughing Moves Gibbs Up a Gear

One of the UK’s leading gear technology specialists saved an “astonishing” 45 hours – a complete week’s milling production time – on a batch of 30 gears manufactured in hardened tool steel using Edgecam’s Waveform Roughing Strategy. Gibbs Gears, based at Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire, predominantly work on low to medium volume runs of loose […]

Harden Tool Steel Gear Manufacturing

This is a video we created on one of our Matsuura VX1000 machines. The operation for a standard milling process would have been around the 2 hour mark. Small depth of cut with a high feedrate. We’ve used the Waveform method within Edgecam and it brought our cycle time right down to 29 minutes completed […]

Custom Gearbox Case study – WITT

The initial project was to design and build a 200W unit, using two 50kg pendulums working at an operating radius of 500mm. WITT Energy had already worked with one company who had designed and built a unit. However, this company weren’t gear experts and the final result wasn’t able to deliver the desired results. Gibbs […]

New Product Launch – Renewable Energy

Gibbs Gears are working on the design and manufacture of the Gearbox for 200W Wave Energy Converter (Witt Energy) which will be launching at the CrowdCube in Plymouth. For more information, please contact us.